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Fume Extraction

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A unique, portable, cost-effective, bench-top fume extractor


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The best protection from harmful fumes in its price range


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The Arm-Evac 200 is designed to meet the needs of light duty production as well as rework and repair operations. Lightweight and compact, the Arm-Evac 200 installs in minutes. A wide variety of collection accessory options and filters are available. An optional silencer/mobile cart is also available.

Note: Extraction Arms and accessories are purchased separately, see the Accessories menu on the right.


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The Arm-Evac 250 is ideal for heavy-duty operations that need high capacity and continuous particle filter monitoring. Incorporating microprocessor technology, an easy-to-read graphical LED filter condition monitor changes from green to yellow to red as the filter becomes clogged.


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Perfectly suited for high performance cellular manufacturing activities and provides fume extraction for up to 6 workstations.





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Fume Extractor Filters

PACE's Filtration Systems have been specifically designed for application in the electronics industry. A wide variety of filtration options are available for use with PACE fume Extractors ensuring that you always have the right filter for the job.

Filtration systems for soldering applications are compromised of three filters. As fumes are collected, they first encounter the Pre-filter, which is a lower efficiency particle filter that is used to protect the primary filter from large particles, extending the life of the primary filter. Next is the Primary Particle Filter which is a particulate filter with large surface area having efficiency ratings of 85% and higher. A variety of filtration efficiencies are available to suit your needs. Lastly, a Gas Filter is included to eliminate any hazardous gasses that may be present.

PACE's gas filters use high-grade activated carbon or they combine adsorptive and chemisorptive technologies to maximize effectiveness. To fully understand your gas filtration needs, always consult your Material Safety Data Sheet.

The Arm-Evac 50, 105, 200 and 250 use "Combo Filters" which means that the Primary and Gas filters are contained in one filter cartridge. The Arm-Evac 500 uses separate Primary and Gas filters which need to be changed individually.

Pre-filters should be inspected at least weekly. When they become clogged, they should be replaced immediately to maximize primary filter life.


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